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Quick & Easy Work Remote Prep

Saturday, July 10, 2010

5 Real Work From Home Tips To Get Your Home Up and Ready For Business!

Reality Checks and Pause. 

The country is increasingly rising in unemployment. The numbers are staggering and according to Forbes– 4.4 million have applied for unemployment. The numbers have fallen, or so we’re told. Does it really matter? Does The powers that be need to begin to issue personal executive orders and/or memo to mailboxes for folks to wake up and get to taking care of your affairs? An online presence can be a monetizing tool. Blogging, freelance work – online, entrepreneurs, and like-minded individuals with ideas all can provide a comfortable living and one where governing yourself and your affairs, it desperately calls for your attention. What can you do about it? Work remotely. How do you start, while a list of work from home opportunities can be found on the site, the below prep list is the most important and essential to your success.

Take Your Ideas and Put Them To Work.
  1. In Order To Work From Home, Your Home Needs To Be In Order. S It’s just being honest, and in my experience, It makes perfect sense when you are considering working remotely (from home) and you don’t live alone. It’s not to say that anyone that works from home, has to be a parent, but for the most part, its more common that its family-oriented reasons such as convenience, an attempt to create or extend the time for family and/or supplementing income.

I want to point out also, that just because a person is of adult age, doesn’t mean you can work from home. I don’t mean YOU, I mean the adult that a has the childlike behavior the moment your attention is on anyone or anything but “them”. I found that regardless of age or stage, it can be like pulling teeth to establish order if you don’t start the way you intend to finish. Establish order FIRST. The only way you can expect friends and family to respect what you’re doing from home is if YOU respect it. Agreed?

It is established that you’re starting your home-based business via home, now YOU have to understand everything you do, right down to the time it takes to make your own schedule (which is an awesome perk) needs to be taken as the time you are unavailable and that time is set aside strictly for working, training, preparing to work from home, etc. Nothing is wrong with tunnel vision even when you’re a mom with kids, knowing the right time to apply the skill makes it all the more rewarding.

2. Location, Location, Location. Or Is It? When I started working from home, my kitchen nook was my office,ha! Seriously it was and you’d have thought it was an office over looking Lake St.Clair on the 123rd floor okayyy??!! You couldn’t tell me ANYTHING!! I immediately got to doing the best i could with what i had. I had a firm belief that if I could generate income, I can INVEST in myself and buy what I need including new office furniture, supplies, upgraded headset  etc.,bottom line was I’m not gonna make any excuses. Where there’s a will there’s a way! 

I had my mind made up, no more thinking “there has  gotta be something I can do to make money online”, there was and my mission was to find what worked for me as an individual and apply that to my life, make it a lifestyle in order to master it. I was determined to prove to myself that it can be done, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! I am proud to say I’m living proof of that.

3.Dedicated Line POT (Plain Old Telephone) Internet Provider Best Choice. You’re gonna need phone service, the Internet and depending on which work from home opportunities you apply for (such as Liveops,, ACDirect, Salesforce, Live Voice LLC just to name a few) you will need a dedicated phone line, most times called a “POTS” or Plain Old Telephone line and a quiet place to work. Simply put, for some of you’ll need an office type setting, and most of them you won’t. Depending on if you have experience or not, (which you won’t need much of as many of them to provide training) you may or may not need a headset.  Plantronics wasn’t until about 6 months deep. I love Plantronics products, more on them later, I’ll be sure to document what items I used in my set up later. 

I’m not going to get off into all of the different companies we could use as there are a plethora of them and we’d be here all day lol. However, I’m not a fan of AT&T as they always have some kind of “fee” or “added fee that they cant never explain. So steer clear of them. If you’ve had better experiences with them, hey, whatever works 🙂 Either way, I can’t stress enough how important and many cases a requirement. you’re gonna want to make dial-up a thing of the past. It’s just not dependable enough and cell phones, well, we don’t really have to go into why with the way calls are dropped regardless of carrier. Moving on… 

4. Your Internet Provider I love the fact that Xfinity has bundles. The reason being is most works from home opportunities require telephone use. On top of that, while most of the work from home apps require phone work, fortunately, they don’t require POTS, which is a plus able bundles come into play. Xfinity offers Internet and phone, to your location. They are pretty decent. When inquiring about service pricing, just let the customer service rep know what you plan to use the internet for and they will match you with what best suits your needs. NO DIAL UP, 

5. Keep It To Yourself,, For Now. It Works Better This Way..

IMO (in my opinion). Don’t worry about shouting it from the rooftop. People, please understand, it can become stressful and ultimately discouraging telling others about your new-found glory (especially family and friends). Most times it will just be shot down and in most cases, rightfully so with all the scams going on on the Internet.


You begin to sound worse than a broken record, and for the most part, if you haven’t succeed in it, folks aren’t too enthused to jump on the work from home train if they cant see where it has worked for you, ESPECIALLY FAMILY. 

Friends, Ive been there done that so I know what its like and how it feels. I know the scams, mlm, get rich quick schemes, all of that foney baloney and I can tell the difference a mile away. My advice would be keep it in the most upper part of your mind why youre doing what youre doing and that way it wont be a struggle to become or maintain motivation and  its drive intrinsic by nature. When it works it just does and just like you never need to speak on “change” in your life, your environment, attitude, and more importantly ACTIONS speak for themselves.

Well, those are the tips for today, and here are some great links. They are up to date and a few of them can put money in your pocket right away,

Wow, talk about a blast from the past! Got any oldies but goodies ideas that you still use that helped shape the foundation of your home-based business? Maybe help a fellow SAHM? Let me know, shoot me an email or leave it in the comments, We would all love to know and grow.

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