How To Become An Amazon Affiliate Tutorial 

In this blog, An Amazon Associate Free Tutorial, this guide will show you how easy it is to monetize your online presence.  You’ve read about it, seen the ads, social media buzz, But still don’t know where to start? An Amazon Associate Free Tutorial will show you exactly how to join and you can instantly begin to make money countless ways with Amazon as an Amazon Associate!

Who Are They: Amazon 

The Amazon Associates Program is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs launched in 1996. The Amazon Associates program has a more than 12-year track record of developing solutions to help website owners, Web developers, and Amazon sellers make money by advertising millions of new and used products from and its subsidiaries, such as and When website owners and bloggers who are Associates create links and customers click through those links and buy products from Amazon, they earn referral fees. It’s free to join and easy to use.

Amazon Associates Homepage Image
Earn up to %15 when they buy!

Provide customers the convenience of referring them to a trusted site where they can immediately buy the products you advertise on your site. And when they do, you can earn up to 10% in referral fees. An Amazon Associates Free Tutorial guide walks you step by step.
Take advantage of various Amazon retail promotions and leverage our newly created advertising features to drive traffic and earn referrals.
You Will Need:

  1. Website or Blog*

Keep in mind this isn’t just another referral program, I support referral programs, surveys, programs that offer stream(s) of passive income and programs that dominate other streams of income. The Amazon Associates Program is one of those business entities that DOMINATE like its second nature. So keeping it professional is always a great rule of thumb.
This program, Amazon Associates is profoundly different in the aspect of a business. You must give your name, address, business entity (if it applies to you) bank info, social security number/ TIN number. These are some of the first steps to having a Home-Based Businesses. This is truly one of the most lucrative yet ever so simply to join and set/up.

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Now that we have that out of the way..Shall we?
So to become an Amazon Associate first thing you wanna do is head over to– See Screenshots below, this is how you know you’ve arrived on the correct page.

Sign in or Create account.

If you already have an account with Amazon, you can just log in. This will list the Associates Account under your existing Amazon account;. Want them separate? Scroll down to the “Create a new Amazon account” “Join Associates.”

Create Your Amazon Associates Account


Simply enter the requested information to create your Amazon Associates account.
Enter your information. Simple and quick form.  Enter your name email and password and click the yellow “Create your Amazon Account button. Turn on your push notifications people! 😉


Create a separate email account for Your Business. Frequent is common and you’ll need the organization. It also prevents a human error like missing an important update email, valuable newsletter, promotional info and so on. If you have one, great, if not consider putting one together.  A G-mail or MSN will do and are excellent choices to start with.

Website And Mobile App List

Now, on this page, is where you can send your websites and mobile apps. If the mobile app does not apply to you, don’t worry, you can still send the remaining information. The site, however, is a must at this point with Amazon.

Once you’ve put your websites/mobile apps, you’ll moved forward in the application process to this page, Profile.

Your Profile.

Here you will create a sub-id, this is what will be Amazons tracking method. You will also need to give some info on what exactly your site is about. Is it a blog, e-commerce, resource, etc.? Input more specific information about the channel (site) you are going to use for the promotions and affiliations with Amazon.


You’re not completely done just yet, but the first steps, your foundation paved. You’ve taken one of the best steps toward financial freedom. Congratulate yourself. You have Amazon Associates and all its programs and products at your fingertips.


As stated before, this is not a survey site. There isn’t anything “typical” or its subsidiaries. It is a good rule of thumb to take this opportunity as the business proposition that it is. Your chance to dominate space and be just as productive and successful with it. That being said the submission of your tax identification (if you have a TIN# you will be prompted to use that number) If not, your social security number will suffice. Don’t worry, once you’ve reached this last step in the sign-up, you have FULL ACCESS to Amazon Central 24/7!

Your Pay Preference

Select the payment method that best suits you. Your choices include:

  1. Receive payment via Amazon gift card. $10 least earnings.
  2. Provide bank information for direct deposit (this option is available for US Associates only) minimum $10 earnings
  3. The last but certainly not least method, pay by check. $100 minimum earning or select a custom amount of $100+

You have the option to complete this now or come back to it. I recommend completing it immediately that way you leave no room for human errors that you could have prevented, such as when life happens in an instant, and you forget

Tax Information Interview

Now, this step can be a bit confusing. It’s not that type of interview, just a techy way of completing your tax credentials with Amazon Associates Account. List all requested information.

 Additional Tax Info W-9

Complete this next step as you would. If you’ve ever been skeptical this should relax you a bit.

Validate Your Tax Information

Once you’ve submitted the requested tax info, you’ve successfully completed the second most important part of the process. Good Job!!

Your Amazon Associate Account 

Here you have the liberty to change your payment method, passwords, email preferences, website information. You can find all your admin options conveniently in one place here.

Product Links

Ok, so you’ve made thus far, How does it feel? Awesome right, in a few moments, you’ll be on your way to making more than just a passive income. You’re now an Amazon Associate!  You literally can search for any product or service, brand.  Keyword use is encouraged but not necessarily in that means. One to two keyword search should do just fine. Grab your links to the products and/or services you want to promote and let’s go!

Product Selection (s)

A plethora of selections populates once you enter your desired search.


Link Building and Listing Options

You have the option to build links existing of the text and image, Text or Image only.  Highlight the code and follow the specifications to install the code. Don’t worry, this sounds more complicated than it is. Tip: If you’re using WordPress or a Host such as GoDaddy, there are plugins that are available for FREE. Implementation is simple and can be completed in minutes!

                                                                                         Build A Link To A Specific Page

The Very Popular Native Ads!

List more than one product This is a very popular way to list A-1 listers in a single string. Potential customers get to see their product they search for and similar/related products.


Activate Site Stripe

Activate your Amazon Site Stripe. It is one of the best tools created! Simplicity at its best. SIte Stripe allows you to share an entire page or a single product with the push of a single share button!
Your Facebook and Twitter via the social icons at the top menu, or link to ANY PAGE  and grab a link from the “get link’. Text or text with the image is available. Everyone loves SiteStripe! You never have to miss out on an opportunity to post, create promote, build. All while making more than ends meet. Talk about it!

Amazon Site Stripe
Site Stripe works best when you’re logged into your account (Twitter and Facebook) This is recommended so you have ease of access to promote what you want on demand
On your mobile device, laptop, desktop or tablet, you’ll have access. Just one small but powerful way to promote, market and advertise with NO overhead.


                                                Let Celebrate Amazon!!

YOU’RE AN AMAZON ASSOCIATE CHECK YOUR EMAIL FREQUENTLY FOR UPDATES, BLOG POSTINGS OR BEST PRACTICES. videos and trainings free of charge can be found in the links below.

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